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The school offers a transportation service to certain areas/zones inside Cairo. To maintain the students’ safety, each bus has one supervisor who joins and monitors the students during their journey from and to the school daily.
To provide a safe and comfortable environment inside the bus, the students should follow these rules.
The bus operates in the following zones:
1. Nasr City
2. New Cairo
3. Rehab
The safety of students inside the bus is considered as a shared responsibility; the responsibility of school to get the students safely from and to the school every day. It is the responsibility of parents to firmly warn their children to abide by the bus regulations.
The bus regulations are as follows:
1. The student should be handed over only to parents at the decided bus stop. In case of the absence of parents, the person who will act on their behalf should carry the student’s ID to have the entitlement to hand over the student. The parent should inform the school administration early about these changes.
2. In case of the parents’ absence at the bus stop, the student will be returned to the school.
3. Students should abide by the scheduled pickup time decided earlier by the bus personal at the beginning of the academic year.
4. In case the student is not going to ride the bus on his/her way back home from school, parents should send a letter having their national ID number with the student informing the school administration with these changes.
During the bus ride:
5. Students should not move inside the bus and should sit in his/her place assigned by the bus supervisor/Personal.
6. Students should keep their belongings beside them.
7. Students should respect their colleagues as well as their bus personal.
8. Students should not say any bad words to his/her colleagues and should not conduct any bad attitude such as kicking or hitting or fighting with his/her colleagues.
9. Students should follow the instructions/directions stated by bus personal.
10. Students should not eat or drink inside the bus and maintain its cleanliness.
11. Students should not cause any damage to the bus properties (Seats, windows and curtains)
Any violation of these regulations that threaten the safety of our students will not be tolerated.

4 Abdul-Hamid Lotfy St.,
Makram Ebeid extension,
Nasr City, Cairo, Egypt

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