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This stage is considered as the most challenging phase in our students’ lives. Our teenagers are ready to be leaders. Their interests, preferences and goals are obvious and clear for us to guide them on the right track. Without doubt, our school offers them a high support and guidance during this stage through developing and maintaining their skills, morals and knowledge gained through the preceding years. They are confident to express their opinion and express their interests. They have become independent and fully responsible of their decisions and actions. They can choose their curricular concentration (Literature, Math or Science) and pass successfully their exams to graduate from the school.
We are proud to have our students enrolled in well-known universities and still maintain the morals and values that they learnt during the whole academic journey at our school.
We are proud as well that one day, they will become the efficient and influential leaders of our society and country.
Secondary stage is divided into three stages; first, second and third. The headmistress is responsible of preparatory and secondary stages.
Teachers are trained to deal with the students at this age ad use new teaching methodologies to smoothly deliver the academic materials to the students.
The assessments are divided into monthly quizzes and homework.
Classroom capacity is average of twenty-five students.
School Timing from 08:15 am to 02:55 pm including 40 minutes break.
Schedule includes main subjects (English, Math, Arabic, Chemistry, Biology and Physics, French, History, geography, philosophy, geology, psychology and sociology) and activities (Art, PE, Music, Computer, Religion, Domestics and Library).

4 Abdul-Hamid Lotfy St.,
Makram Ebeid extension,
Nasr City, Cairo, Egypt

 Phone: 0222725768  -          0222716984
Mobile: 01094908807