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As we all know, the children can learn better and fast when their concentration in class is divided, specifically, when the breaks are included. It is essential for all students to develop their motor skills and boost their physical strength and power. In addition, it helps the students to experience the real communication with their colleagues and develop their social skills; they can easily create a friendship with the other students, as the time of interaction in the playground is higher than inside the classroom.
 Therefore, Horus language school is provided with a large playground where safety and teachers’ supervision are considered. This playground is shared by primary, preparatory and secondary stages. Each stage separately can spend a separate slot of 40 minutes in this playground. During this time, the students can play football matches (organized and supervised by the P.E teachers), mingle with their colleagues and eat their meals. However, for KG, they have their own isolated playground in which the ground is artificial turf to maintain the playground safety. Several outdoor playground equipment are provided that suits the age of KG students.

4 Abdul-Hamid Lotfy St.,
Makram Ebeid extension,
Nasr City, Cairo, Egypt

 Phone: 0222725768  -          0222716984
Mobile: 01094908807