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Our Chairman’s Message 

Dear prospective parents and students,
Thank you for choosing and considering Horus Language School for your children. For over 25 years, the school has been specialized in educating children starting from age of 4 till 16 years. Throughout these years, we were successful in building a name and reputation that should be maintained and nurtured. Every year, we focus on executing a regular renovation of our building. In addition, we are keen on developing our faculty capabilities through providing continuous trainings to be able to deliver a valuable education. They are also trained to inspire their students’ skills and teach them values and morals that refine their personality to be responsible and influential independent thinkers in their society. These factors have paved the road to create and provide a well productive learning environment for our students to increase their learning opportunities.
To students, you are the future generation of this country. You will become the leaders of tomorrow. The knowledge that you gained, the skills that you developed and qualities that you absorbed at our school will be your major contribution to yourself, your parents and your country. We highly depend on you and your influence on the coming generation.
To parents, we appreciate your vital role as an important partner of the whole educational and raising process of your children. Your dedication and endless cooperation with us in the process of progressing your children education and learning is extremely vital for our mutual success. We are keen on nourishing this harmonization between us for better and brighter future of our children.
Finally, we promise you that we will exert our fullest effort to ensure and guarantee the success of your children in their future educational and learning endeavors.
Thanks for your trust and confidence you have placed in our school.

                                                                School’s Chairman
                                                                    Hassan Allam

4 Abdul-Hamid Lotfy St.,
Makram Ebeid extension,
Nasr City, Cairo, Egypt

 Phone: 0222725768  -          0222716984
Mobile: 01094908807