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Reading is deemed as the most fundamental skill that the students should maintain throughout their academic journey. Accordingly, Horus language school is provided with library that contains a range of different books to support the targeted and aimed educational process. The library plays an essential role in encouraging and motivating the students to read and gain further knowledge about different topics related to their academic curriculum. The students can borrow books and returned back in a due date regulated by the librarian to give the other students the opportunity to use the same books.
 In our library, there is also a smart board and projector in which different types of media can be displayed such as photos and videos. This tool can definitely enrich the classroom experience and create an engaging and interactive environment to all students. It helps the student to smoothly grasp the information received. Each class in all stages has a session to be taken in the library.

4 Abdul-Hamid Lotfy St.,
Makram Ebeid extension,
Nasr City, Cairo, Egypt

Email: info@horusschools.edu.eg
 Phone: 0222725768  -          0222716984
Mobile: 01094908807